Mind, Body & Soul: Life Plan Summit

Mind, Body & Soul: Life Plan Summit

It’s time to take control! No more guessing, confusion or procrastination! Christina, Mihoko & I met by chance, we bonded instantly because we all had a gift that was the missing link in each other’s lives. We shared our gifts with each other and grew ourselves to a quality level of life we never imagined possible. After careful planning and discussion, we realized we could share our gifts with others and truly change people’s lives!

Three days that will change your life forever!

Did you ever think you could communicate with your soul and if you could, what would you say? Did you ever think the easiest addition to your daily meal plan could elevate your neurotransmitters so high the clarity and energy you would get may feel like too much? Did you ever think about how your body communicates with your mind and what it is really telling you?s lives! It’s time to get started!


Christina Avaness is a Food Alchemist. She healed her husband through nutrition after he had a heart attackin his 40’s and was given a year to live. He is now in his 60’s! Christina wrote a book detailing the diet she compiled that could heal us all. She now provides access to these foods through her website so that people can find the ingredients they need to live a fulfilling healthy life incorporating high alkaline, non-acidic foods.

Dr. Mihoko Nelsen has practiced neurology for 30 years. She works with patients to balance medications, wean them off any that are not truly needed, and teaches them how to make better nutritional decisions.

Nadia Khalil is a Soul Whisperer. She has changed thousands of lives simply by telling people the truth. Somehow she sees their truth. She is able to read people’s motivations and see their highest capacity of skill and potential accomplishments. Nadia can reveal to people what they are doing that is blocking their potential, and get them started clearing the path to emotional success and achievement.

The crucial discussion about the importance of self-empowerment brought these three women together. Dr. Mihoko would educate us about our bodies, how they work, plus why and how we block
ourselves physically through diet, medications and daily practices. Christina educated us about the clarity we gain by eating high enzyme foods that are non-acidic and high alkaline. Nadia discussed our souls. She talked about how our souls respond to our actions and decisions. The combination of these women’s experience and knowledge grew into a way of life creating new achievements, continuous growth, and great emotional satisfaction in their lives. Now they want to share it with you!

It’s very rare Christina, Mihoko & I can be in the same place at the same time. Take advantage of having all three of us for three full days!

What to wear

Dress comfortably. Low shoes, gym shoes, sandals, jeans, athletic wear, etc. Whatever you are comfortable sitting in for a whole day.

What to bring

You will receive a Notebook, Pen, Canvas Bag and a Life Plan Summit Book for the Event. You simply need to bring yourself!

Meal details

You will have three meals and snacks and Papua Coffee available throughout the day. All meals are Organic, Non-Acidic, High Alkaline Foods and Water.

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