Mind, Body & Soul: Life Plan Summit

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Life Plan Summit!

Last year’s Life Plan Summit was so very amazing that it took me weeks to absorb all of the beauty and learning felt at that time. Through all the feedback we have received, we are so happy to announce this year’s Life Plan Summit 2018 on the weekend of May 5th and 6th.

We will be completing a Life Plan that offers you a blueprint to fill the blank spaces in your mind when it comes to life – from today forward. We’ll work together to gain an approach, use the knowledge you know has never been put to use yet, and build a greater perspective by watching your soul begin to unfold and flourish in all of the ways you knew it could.

Today is the day. We are planning two days to introduce ways of growth we could not have thought of possible in our lives.  The Summit will be limited to 30 guests.

Ken AldrichI’ll also be introducing you to Kenneth Aldrich. That is a WOW right there. He will be talking about MONEY and how to be proactive as opposed to reactive in thought and acquisition of finances and business. Ken is a Serial Entrepreneur with years of experience about how financial perspectives affect the quality of our daily lives and businesses.

Looking forward to this wonderful event and sharing it with you!

With all my love,

Time:  9 AM – 5 PM
DatesSaturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6, 2018
Where: Santa Anita Church (Which is already there as well as how to dress and what to bring, those can stay the same.)
Meals: Lunch and Snacks.
Cost: $799.00 Scroll to bottom to register and for payment.  Click on Pay Online for Summit.

What you will receive:

Life Plan Summit Workbook
Origins of Truth Book
Dream Toolbox Education Podcasts
The First 5 chapters of the Dream Toolbox ebook.

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