Nadia is a Palestinian-American, born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised as a Muslim.  Her first language was Arabic and her first English lessons came through her American babysitter.  As an adult, Nadia began having experiences that she ultimately recognized as conversations with Christ.  They were so powerful that she began recording them in a journal.  Her writings are taken from those experiences. 

The first time Nadia saw Christ, she was having dinner at a restaurant with a friend.  She felt a warm, calming breeze and all she could see was pure white light.  The light identified itself as Christ and told her that her purpose here on Earth was to bridge people souls back to them.

"When this happened to me, with Christ, I called my mother.  When I explained what had happened she started screaming, telling me that I needed to return to Chicago because I wasn't even Muslim anymore.  And while she was screaming at me, Christ started talking to her through me.  He mentioned things that happened when she was younger and the dreams she used to have.  She started to cry and asked me how I knew those things.  I said, "Mom, this is what I'm trying to tell you.  I can't stop this from happening."  We got off the phone and two weeks later she called me up to say, "Nadia, I believe you, but I'm too old to change."  Then she started telling me things about me when I was little.  She told me that she always knew there was something different about me but she had never known exactly what it was.  And then she just said, "You always loved people."

Nadia has written three books, Little WingOrigins of Truth and Original Love in which she talks about her conversations with Christ.  She has also published various articles and regularly speaks to groups about her experiences.

Nadia currently lives in Southern California with her family.

There is no soul more important than another.
— Nadia Khalil