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Mind, Body & Soul: Life Plan Summit


It's time to take control! No more guessing, confusion or procrastination!

Welcome to the Mind, Body, and Soul Life Plan Summit

Three days that will change your life forever!

Christina, Mihoko & I met by chance, we bonded instantly because we all had a gift that was the missing link in each other's lives.

We shared our gifts with each other and grew ourselves to a quality level of life we never imagined possible. 

After careful planning and discussion, we realized we could share our gifts with others and truly change people's lives!

 ~ Did you ever think you could communicate with your soul and if you could, what would you say?

~ Did you ever think the easiest addition to your daily meal plan could elevate your neurotransmitters so high the clarity and energy you would get may feel like too much?

~ Did you ever think about how your body communicates with your mind and what it is really telling you?

~ It's time to get started!

It's very rare Christina, Mihoko & I can be in the same place at the same time. 

Take advantage of having all three of us for three full days! All meals included.

Be ready for information overload to help you reach your true potential!

Nobody leaves without a plan and ongoing support!

Sign up today,  seats are filling fast!

"We can't wait to meet you........"


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