Welcome to the Mind, Body, and Soul: Life Plan Summit.

The Life Plan Summit is designed to work with your life decisions and help nurture and grow your life plan.

My vision, my dream, is to build a community that offers support, information that you can use today in your life, not at some later “right” time and truly grow your life in the ways you always knew that you could live.

We have a lot of obstacles before us, that goes without saying, yet how we deal with those obstacles, how we approach our lives, how we live our lives, makes all the difference to your life.

I wanted three days of time to spend with you. In that time we will eat, drink and think in the most efficient ways possible to allow your pace to start while you are here. You will each receive a bound book. The story of your life will start to fill in and make sense enough to connect your thinking, your dreams, your obstacles and your soul as working team that becomes the force that you came here to be.

Our food affects us, our thinking affects us, and including our souls affects us. When one is not working - it affects all three. We will learn and face the realities of our time together to build a lasting system of life that works anywhere you live, work or play.

When I first saw Christ, I questioned him a lot. The answers were very hard to take in because we did not have a template to live the things that Christ was saying to me. And yet between then and now we have created those ways. And now I got a huge new undertaking to learn. The Mind, Body and Soul summit is putting into practice our knowledge and our faith and our desire and giving it a home to be One.

This is a challenge and it is a growth. In a group. In a community. In support and truth, love and purity. We can form communities around our world that build bridges starting with ourselves. We are already started and we are already ready. Step two is to organize our readiness and to give our souls the pathways to grow and to accommodate our growth.

By the time you leave, you will have been three days into living your new life. Give your soul the time, the patience, the understanding that each day you can take on a small change that gives you big results over time. Patience, trust, faith and trust again is the only way to grow your soul. You are a process, not a fast minute. You are a soul, not a commercial. You are a part of God, not here by mistake. Let’s take this journey to Bridge Your Soul Back to You. To bridge our souls to each other. To build a working bridge between you and the world you live in.

I look forward to joining forces with you to live in a better world that we ourselves are creating. We are a world community that is here for the rest of our lives. It is a choice you have and we are here to give you a choice. I hear so much there is not good in our world and there is. We, people, are the good in our world. And when we know it and allow it to be that way, then it can be that way.

In my heart, I want to live that reality every day of my life. I want to know that I am making an effort to have that reality available to any soul who is looking for this kind of home. The home where you can live each and every day and feel that self-love that you need to truly feel everything else in your life all the way through.

Self-accounting is our key, our starting point and the point we revisit time and time again. May we do our best today to do our best tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Summit! This is what the beginning looks like in life enrichment! May the depth of our hearts grow a great world for us to live in.

For more information or to make a reservation, please visit www.nadiakhalil.com

With all my love,

What To Look For In Our Lives

As our vulnerabilities unfold and reveal our next adventure, our lives can accept them and if we accept them, we will know what to look for in our lives. 

Our vulnerabilities are the parts of us that want to grow us into the strength of ourselves. 
If we put our vulnerabilities on hold, our lives will listen to our decision and hold everything until we are ready to see. 

There is no rush for us to face everything all at once. 

We know when we are ready. The internal conflicts begin when we know we are ready and we put ourselves off. 

That is when we start to fight ourselves and then one day, we say, "Hey, what do I have to lose, I will try"

What does trying look like?

Trying looks like us when the answer doesn't matter, yet the efforts to see ourselves does. 
Trying looks like us saying, "I know this is hard for me, and I may not like it at first, but I am going to push myself in those times with trust that I will be OK." 
Trying is when we tell our soul, "I will do right by you, that is my best." 
Trying is not allowing any excuse to give us a way out, yet finding every reason to keep trying until we can see ourselves more.

We can be both, the one who loves us and the one who receives our love.

Every change is a million baby steps. Giving ourselves a break is the first step.

Nadia Khalil