Little Wing

Little Wing by Nadia Khalil

One day, I went to drive my daughter to school and there was this white dove outside of our side door.  We passed it by and it didn’t really move.  It was gentle and very uninterrupting.  I was still in my first marriage and I was very sad.  I drove my daughter, came back home and it was still there.  At 3:00 pm I went to pick my daughter up from school and it was still there.  The next morning…it was still there.

I told my daughter maybe we should buy it some food and she said it wasn’t looking for food, it was just walking up and down our pathway.  So I asked her to stand by it and I took a picture of her near it.  You can see in the picture that she was hesitant to get too close to it.  The following day, as I had grown to expect, it was still there.  I was used to it by then and it gave me great peace.  It was so white, its feet, even its beak.  I just loved that this bird was present.

So seeing this bird – as much a surprise as it was – it gave me great peace to know that beauty was still around me.  On the third day, my husband was late coming home.  I had finished making dinner and I thought, “I want to go outside and sit with the bird.”  And I did.  It didn’t move.  It was right next to me.  Imagine.  It had no fear of me or me of it.  It was one of the most peaceful moments I have ever known.  I felt like no matter what happened in my life, no matter what it was, I would be fine within it.  I would be OK.  And as soon as I came to that conclusion, the bird flew away and landed on the tip of my neighbor’s garage.  It was immediately met by another bird and they both flew away together.

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